About Shawnda


Shawnda is a Certified Personal Trainer with over 20 years of experience, who is focused on pre- and postnatal fitness. After giving birth to her four wonderful children Shawnda suffered from a pelvic floor dysfunction herself. During her recovery from that she came to realize that many other women were struggling with the same issues and that there is a lack of proper care, and fitness training for pre- and postnatal women. Her desire is to help other women get and stay healthy throughout their pregnancies.

Shawnda knows that knowledge and training is needed to help end the shame, guilt and embarrassment that is sometimes associated with a pelvic floor dysfunction. It has lead her to coach and train women by obtaining a Pre-&Postnatal Certification. Her certifications include that of a Certified Personal Training Specialist, Certified Fitness Instructor Specialist, Pre-& Postnatal Coach, Total Barre® Qualified and Certified Pilates Instructor.

Shawnda is on a mission to help her clients navigate through the psychological, physical changes and challenges during their pregnancy journey from Bump to Baby and Beyond!


I have been working out with Shawnda for almost two years. Shawnda’s expertise in pre- and postnatal personal training coupled with her vast experience make her a valuable resource to any woman interested in fitness.

Shawnda trained me throughout my pregnancy, tailoring each session to my changing body.  She explained how each exercise would assist me in childbirth, and made sure that my body was ready to deliver a baby.

After I had my baby, Shawnda understood it would be difficult for me to make it in to the gym with a newborn. So, she offered to train me in my house. Shawnda is excellent with children, and would somehow manage to train me while she wrangled my newborn and preschooler.  My children love her—her visits would be a highlight of the week!

I would recommend Shawnda to any mom or mom-to-be. You won’t find a better, more supportive trainer out there.


Shawnda was a great resource to have during my pregnancy! She created prenatal workouts that focused on the important areas we should be working to maintain strength. These workouts kept me strong throughout my pregnancy and also helped prepare my body for birth.

—Kate Deroche





250 Bridge St. W. Belleville, ON K8P 5N3

(Located on Stinson Ave. behind the Belmont Long Term Care Facility)

By appointment or in-class only.

Phone: 613-438-6291